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Generating passive income with apps

By enero 6, 2022enero 20th, 2022Passive Income

It is important to create applications and games that help improve people in a positive way, so it will be easier to comply with the policies on the app distribution platforms.

New Magical World

There are several ways in which we can start generating passive income through a computer and the internet, in this blog we are going to focus on ways to monetize a google play application.

For this topic it may be necessary to have a little knowledge about programming or it can also be done through a third-party development service in any case it is important to emphasize that everything depends on the idea we have and where we want to go with it. First we will need an idea in which to plant our application or game, but it is important to start investigating based on our idea what type of keywords could be generated (keywords are a set of statistically attractive words for search engines) that is, for example; we have an idea of ​​developing a game set in outer space, we must find attractive words such as “interstellar, Galaxy, Universe” this type of words we can adapt in the name and investigate which are the best, we can do this in various tools that exist in the web, although in the very “google Ads” there is a keyword planner section

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